2 thoughts on “Shai Agassi throws down the gauntlet at TED

  1. i’ve heard he’s as good as steve jobs, watching this it’s clear he isn’t– he’s good, it’s just that he’s hard to follow and he cheats sometimes at what he says — he was comparing $/miles to $/gallons at one point — yes his point was _mostly_ clear, but those units aren’t even close.

    bkitzur, he’s no Steve Jobs, but he is definitely a brilliant guy for coming up w/ Better Place’s solution.

    there is still something a little bit hazy about the math — i’m not sure it adds up the way he says it does.. either he’s making mistakes in the numbers he’s quoting or he’s leaving out other numbers that make the equation make sense. (that’s what i thought when i read about them a year(~) ago in wired, and that’s what i felt when i saw him talk now.)

  2. I’ve heard the model spelled out by him a few times, and it seems to jive. I’m not sure I could recreate it on an Excel sheet, but I can’t point out where the hole is. Beyond that, though, there has been 200 mil. in Venture Capital put in, and he’s got Nissan/Renault, Israel, Denmark, New Zealand, California, and Hawaii lined up. I’m assuming that someone along the line did the necessary due diligence.

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