Flickr Shows us How to Change

Flickr changed their photo page.  I haven’t even interacted with the new page yet, and I already like it.  Why?  The way they introduced it to me.   From the initial ‘want to see the future’ to the 5 step quick tour, to the surprise guest.

Go check it out.  I’ll wait.

I don’t know about you, but after seeing this, I immediately thought of Facebook.  Every time Facebook changes anything, all streams are a-flutter with people forswearing the new, pining for the old.

What did Flickr do right?

  1. They didn’t force change on me, they let me choose it.  They even tempted me in and stimulated a desire for the new.
  2. Once I jumped over, they helped me understand how to operate in the new environment.
  3. They worked hard to put a smile on my face when it was all done.

Well done.

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