Consuming Media

Over the past few years, I’ve been getting more and more regular in my meditation practices.  One of the main benefits of meditation, for me, is an increased calm awareness of what is going on in my head during the time when I’m not meditating.  I can sit back and watch, learn to identify patterns, uncover deeper motivations, avoid traps, and the like.

From this viewpoint, I’ve noticed an interesting effect.  The latest movies I’ve seen and the latest video clips play through my head on a kind of re-run, sometimes for days, usually with no added insight or enjoyment.  My mind rescreens them, for whatever reason.   It seems like they are more sticky if the emotion of the first watching was stronger.  As if the emotion has waves that play out over the course of days.

The media I consume – consumes me.

More motivation to watch what I eat.

People of the Book

Nicholas Carr’s latest ponders the life of the book as it moves into its online incarnation.

I appreciate, as a observant Jew, that no matter how deep technology gets into our lives, there will always be one day a week where we will turn off the phones and the computers, get out of the cars, turn off the Kindle, power down the bionic retinal enhancers, and appreciate the simple world.  Barring major unrest, I’ll always have books on my shelves.